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I read a fleet's worth of fic in an ocean's worth fandoms, and though I save stuff to memory or bookmarks, I don't relly rec, and I thought I'd like to try putting up a rec every now and then of my favorite stories. Just to remind myself that I found so-and-so's story remarkable for one reason or another.

BTW, I read slash. Like, A LOT. (Yes, that was a warning, mon Genius.)

Hmm, which fandom to start with? Well, in honor of the recent debut of the third movie and final part of the franchise (which I had the pleasure of seeing twice on opening weekend - and which sent me straight for the FixIt!fics), I'll rec my new fav that picks up from where Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End leaves off.

String Theory by [ profile] manic_intent

Four parts up, on-going WIP, promises to get even better than the opening chapters - which I am already dreaming about, so that tells you right there how hooked I am. A snarky living ship that can manifest herself in human form, quarrelsome gods, stormy deceased-yet-thoroughly-British ex-Admiraldores and pirates wot can't hold on ta their own ships Above or Below for all that they are 'Good Men'. Heh, and a whole host o' other stuf that I'll have to re-read the story ifna I wanna r'member.


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