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What with the craziness of LJ/6A floating around over the past week (i.e. freaks who can't make up their damned minds and we get punished for it), I'm just gonna post this tidbit for personal satisfaction & to cheer my own self up, and anyone who wants to pick it up, feel free to spread the love.

Five Fics I'd Want With Me Were I Stranded On A Deserted Island:


1. SECRETS by VORABIZA, from the Harry Potter fandom. Yes that's right, I said Harry Potter, the fandom that likely sparked off 6A to begin with. This fic is unarguably THE best post-HBP fic out there, IMO. It hits all my favorite themes in HP - Harry/Draco, Severus/Remus, Severus-as-mentor-to-Harry, Harry actively uniting all his allies against Voldemort, attitudes & characterizations engaging & spot on - THIS is the way I'd've wanted the seventh book to go, and there is no way anyone should pass up reading this. A staggeringly rich 62 chapters in all, Vorabiza weaves together so many small canon elements into a unified, detailed original whole. I'd recommend you set aside a weekend if you feel like reading it all in one go, as once you get into it, you'll find it impossible to stop yourself going back and re-reading your favorite bits in the middle of the story, it's built that well.

You wanna find it? Search for the author here:
The Silver Snitch I :: All slash, all the time :
skyehawke dot com archives :

2. THE IDENTICAL SERIES by LANNING COOK, from Smallville. All right, who DOESN'T know this brilliant piece of fic? 'Tis only the best Clex out there! Straight on AU from the first season, before the writers really started messing with our beloved megalomaniac millionaire and super-powered alien future superhero, though Lanning is so creative with both the characters we know and love as well as her amazing OC's (Eli ROCKS!), Identical can be seamlessly substituted for canon. And, yeah, maybe I'm cheating just a bit by naming the entire series instead of just one of the stories (I'd settle for Alliance if I had to, as it's the longest story to date, and there's such a lot going on in it, I'd have a long wait before finally getting bored with it.), but really, put all the stories together, you'd probably get a decent 600 page paperback easy, which - not bragging! Fact! - I could finish in 3 days without breaking a sweat. NEED MORE.

You wanna find it?
Author's Archive of Our Own page: Lanning Cook's Fiction :

3. CROSSOVER ALERT!!! STORM SIGNS TRILOGY by LEGION, a Quantum Leap/The Sentinel crossover. Yeah, OLD! Honestly, these were my two original slash fandoms, and Storm Signs, a spin-off AU inspired by the amazing saraid's 'Panther Tales' universe, combines all the things I loved best while correcting a lot of what made many of us rip our hair out by the roots when these shows ended - terribly unsatisfactorily on my account, I dunno 'bout the rest of you. Storm Signs is MRM (Must Read Material), and even though I am hardly active in these fandoms any longer (I glance back from time to time, but don't hang out much), I can pull this out on a rainy day with no problems. Heh, and the reason I named the Storm Signs Trilogy is cuz I actually have the zine, though it is out on the 'net now, so I'd simply grab that instead of choosing one story out of the three.

You wanna find it?
Author's Site: Legion's Hidey Hole :
under Other Fandoms & Crossovers

4. THE BIG PICTURE by CESPERANZA, from The Dead Zone - my obligatory contribution to obscure fandoms/pairings, as this is ultimately Johnny/Walt, and a beautifully done Johnny/Walt, at that. First off, no one dies! Always a cheap way to break up a canon triangle, IMO, I really admire the handling of the whole Johnny/Sarah/Walt break-up thing - especially NOW, when TPTB DID kill off Walt (GRRR!), so Speranza gets extra brownies from me for this. Next, the build-up of the J/W relationship is subtle, as far from saccharine as is possible to get, and the rooming together thing tickles me to death! It's very difficult for me to express my full love for the sheer lovely brilliance of this fic, and that's yet to take into account the main plot - which isn't the impending future Armageddon, but concerns Johnny, Walt, & Sarah's son J.J. Even if you don't really know TDZ, Speranza has included a succinct tutorial of the TV series at the top of this fic on her site that fills in everything you need to fully enjoy it.

You wanna find it?
Author's Site: Speranza's Fiction :
under Dead Zone, of course!

5. TRANSCENDENTAL by shalott a.k.a astolat, from Stargate: Atlantis. This is the fic, the first I can remember, that really pulled me into the McKay/Sheppard ranks of fans - I saw it on the show, went looking for it in fic, and found Transcendental, to my everlasting delight. Now, I selected this fic after a long and terrible struggle - because, my GOD! the sheer number of brilliant, talented authors in the SGA fandom is mind-boggling - purely because, as the meme title states, I can see myself able to enjoy it even after a long stretch on a desert island. It is pure first season, utilizes all the characters we've met on the expedition and in the Pegasus Galaxy to a terrific extent (one, sadly, no longer seen in the actual show), and gives great Rodney/John interaction, whether as colleagues, friends, or heh, more - a fic is always made more entertaining with these two than without.

You wanna find it?
Author's Site: Intimations :
click on Fanfic, under Stargate: Atlantis

Honorable Mention!
L.M. GRIFFIN a.k.a. WREN's spectacularly lovely Pirates of the Caribbean THE MATTER OF RULES Story Arc! Includes: 'Men of Our Word', 'Acts of Piracy', and 'Rooting For You' as the main trilogy, with 'Swept Away' containing side stories and spin-offs. That's right, it IS Jack Sparrow/James Norrington, and the best thing is, it's set after the best, first movie, so we don't have to deal with whatever we disliked in the subsequent movies. Yay! This is THE story that single-handedly pulled me into the exclusive Sparrington love!

To Be Found: Bella Donna :
which is actually part of the Noire Sensus site, so if you don't wanna navigate, this is her author page:

Notice I provide all external links, nothing on LJ. Might be the smartest thing to do, in light of current circumstances.


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