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First Alyssa wanted me to see that she learned to ride her bike - TWO WHEELER, YAY! - so I'm out there, in the freezing wind & sunny sunshine, watching her show off her new mad riding skilz, while Evan & Greg are jabbering my ear off (one ear for each boy - I'm earless!) about some Star Wars parody computer game they've been messing about with.

THEN, Mom and Dee decided absolutely last minute to go to a RenFaire friend's toga-themed birthday party (IT WAS 36 DEGREES YESTERDAY!! ARE YOU PEOPLE DAMAGED IN THE HEAD?! Well, it was Reaver's birthday, so, yeah, probably.); so they're all getting ready with sheets over their jeans and looking all ridiculous but I'm not saying a word (which should have been a giveaway all on its own - y'know, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" right?)

THEN, our mutual friend El calls up, says she & Sue are going to the party too, would I mind watching Deanne? Suuuuure, no problem, drop her off at Steve&Dee's - but if there's one kid I know who can talk more than the Carrobis' it's name is Deanne. Yikes. She's a sweetheart, but she is also a real chatterbox. Maybe she doesn't get enough adult attention, I don't know, which is funny, cuz she only lives with adults - only child syndrome, or something.

So, there I am, trapped by four pre-teens & one dog for seven hours until Steve gets home at ten (HE'D been out with a friend most of the day - they went to some honor ceremony for Steve's martial arts teacher), but that's okay, cuz by that time the kids are getting cranky, and I'm just settling them down with a movie & popcorn (Evan Almighty - funny stuff, especially when we can mess with OUR Evan over it), so they settle in and most fall asleep by the time the movie's finished.

Guess who's still wide awake?



Oh well. We watched Alien then - Deanne didn't seem to mind, even though she'd never seen it before and doesn't really watch horror movies.

Got home after one, made some Therapy Cocoa (must add rum to get sufficient therapy), went to sleep - and when I say that, I mean I literally went almost comatose I was so tired. Didn't move or dream (I don't even know if I breathed!) until 10 o'clock the next morning - they wiped me out!

And that was my Saturday. Fun, huh?


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